Foodie Friday: Gino’s Pizza

To celebrate his birthday, my colleague A decided to treat our entire team to some Gino’s Pizza.  I had never eaten here before so not only was I excited to try out a new restaurant, but I was also looking forward to having some honest-to- goodness, freshly-baked brick oven pizzaaaahhh… 🙂  From the pictures, I’m sure you will gather that Gino’s did not disappoint :).

This is Jutes, the chef/owner.  Here he is, working the dough right in front of us. He also happens to be A’s cousin.  Lucky for us as we got the inside scoop on how he makes his pizzas :).

This is Jutes’ super cute son, Gino :).  Obviously, the restaurant is named after him :).

This is the brick oven where they bake the pizzas.  It’s set at 800 degrees!  As my niece would say, “super hot hot!” 🙂

According to A, because a brick oven does not use up so much electricity, the owners decided instead to invest in the ingredients they use to make their pizzas–the dough, the cheese, the toppings…And you can tell– the ingredients are not only fresh, but they are also of good quality.  They’re not scrimped on either so each pizza we ordered was oozing with cheese, and brimming with toppings–yum!

We ended up ordering five different kinds of pizzas–each of them mouthwateringly good, and baked to perfection!  I kid you not, we practically inhaled each pizza as soon as it was set on the table!  We were telling Jutes that despite the fact that it only took about 3 minutes to cook the pizza, we probably finished eating it in 2! Hahaha! 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed eating every slice of pizza down to the last bite of crust.  The crust itself is thin, but chewy, and really yummy!  Hands down, it is my favorite thus far 🙂 It trumps another favorite–the pizza at Aria in Boracay–and is in a totally different league from Shakey’s and Yellow Cab.  Great job, Jutes!!!

To top off the carb fest, ofcourse we could not end our meal without having dessert :).

Jutes very generously treated the birthday boy (and the team!) to some Crack Pie 🙂  Doesn’t that name make you want to “crack” a smile?  Hahaha!  Corny ba?  Honestly, such a dessert exists!  And in one word, I can only describe it as “sinful”.  And once you discover what it’s made of, you’ll know why 🙂  Needless to say, this dessert didn’t even see the light of day!  Hahaha! 🙂

We had such a great experience at Gino’s Pizza–the food and the service are excelente!!!  Definitely, if ever you are in the Katipunan Road area, this is a restaurant I would highly recommend you try :).


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