Mommy Style

I have to admit, when I was younger and single, I really enjoyed and was very “masipag” to dress up.  Whether I was at home or out, I’d make it a point to put on my nicest clothes and to make every effort to make myself look “pretty” (except for putting on make-up—that just never was my thing).  My younger sister C used to call me “Where’s the Party” because I’d wear dresses with full on accessories, even if I was just lounging in our living room, while she preferred to be clad in her comfiest sweats or pajama pants.

Is it vanity?  I’d like to think not.  I prefer to say that looking good makes me feel good, and its not necessarily because I think I’m beautiful at all.  Nor does it have to do with impressing anyone either.  In all honesty, I can say my main motivation for dressing up is really how it makes me feel—it puts that extra spring in my step, and makes me feel ready to conquer the day ahead.

I used to not understand why people would not want to dress up.  Did they not want to look nice?  Was it okay for them to look unkempt or sloppy? It doesn’t cost much to look put together.  It does not even require an extensive wardrobe.  Agree, it kinda does involve a little bit of effort, but if the result makes you look good naman, then why not?

It may sound shallow, but one of my biggest fears is to look “losyang”.  I would totally die if someone told me that I looked frumpy.  This became even more of a fear as I got older and into my mid-30’s. While the goal was to still look nice, it wasn’t anymore so much that I had to be “dressed to the nines” all the time, but to be more practical and put together. That’s why even when I was pregnant with A, I made sure to always look neat and well-groomed, even up to my last trimester when my tummy all of a sudden grew to the size of a basketball!

After the pregnancy, however, was an entirely different story.

Unfortunately, I found myself hit hard with post-partum depression.  That made even getting out of bed difficult, what more the dressing up part.  There were days when I just did not want to get out of my jammies (although in fairness, my jammies look nice naman 🙂 Hahaha!).  Little did I know that part of the antidote to feeling better was actually getting myself up, taking a nice long shower, putting clean clothes and giving my hair a good brush.  Gosh, instant pick me up! My spirits were immediately lifted :).

Breast-feeding also limited my clothing choices a bit, and in the beginning that really depressed me, but with the help of very chic looking cover-ups, the feeling was easily dealt with and overcome.  I also used this as an excuse, by the way, to invest in more breast-feeding friendly tops :).

Eventually, I survived the depression and went back to my normal cheery self 🙂 My next challenge came with trying to balance my roles as mommy and executive, and looking good while doing it!!!  Hahaha!

While I may not be as “tiyaga” to style myself or to wear more trendy clothes, I find that the key to “mommy style” is to just maintain and rotate a couple of classic, practical pieces that will take me through any and every occasion or situation.  It’s all about quick, functional and comfortable, without sacrificing the style factor :).

Here are my top 10 “must have, go-to” pieces:

1. Stud Earrings: whether it’s a diamond or a pearl, studs add instant class to your look!

2. Crisp White Button-Down Shirt: Can be worn casually or to the office, it always makes one look clean and “mabango”.  It’s also very versatile and can be worn with almost any kind of bottom.

3. Plain White or Black Tee: I’m sure you can tell by now that I’m big fan of both the colors black and white.  While I assure you I have other more colorful pieces of clothing in my wardrobe, I find that having a proper fitting basic white or black tee is a necessary item, especially on those days when you cannot decide what to wear.  Throw in some statement jewelry to dress it up, or wear it plain on more casual days—it’s just one of those basic things that you can never go wrong with.

4. Dark Jeans: I’m a big fan of dark jeans.  Not only is it slimming, but I also find it dressier and more classy than its faded counterpart.  Whether it’s a straight cut, boot cut or skinnies, it’s about finding the one that fits best, and flatters the shape of your body.

5. Ballet Shoes: Gone are the days when I used to wear sky-high heels 😦  Instead I’ve traded them in for more sensible shoes that complement my on-the-go lifestyle.  I think that a classic pair of ballet flats are definitely a chic alternative.

6. Maxi Dress:  On days when I really am not in the mood to get dressed but still want to look feminine and effortlessly nice, I put on a maxi dress.  It’s a no-fail solution!

7. Black Pencil Cut Skirt: Another very classic piece that can be easily dressed up or dressed down, and looks appropriate no matter what occasion.

8. Statement Necklace: These accessories are my current obsession!  Adds an instant “oomph” to any outfit.  Bongga!

9. Metallic Flip-flops:  I love anything metallic!  Again, it’s a very easy way to dress up a simple and casual ensemble 🙂

10. Cardigan: I get cold very easily and always travel with a light sweater in my bag.  To make sure that I don’t have to keep on changing sweaters everytime I change outfits, I keep one in a neutral color handy.  It very easily matches most of my clothing, and again, is a very basic piece to have.

So these are the top 10 items in my closet that help me to easily achieve my “mommy style”.

How about you, Chicas? Please do share your own “go-to” items 🙂  I’d love to know 🙂


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