The Weekend That Was

I know this post comes a bit late since it’s already Tuesday evening, but I just wanted to share some snippets of our fun weekend 🙂

As usual, we kicked Saturday off with brunch.  To spice things up a bit and deviate from our usual, we decided to head over to Ayala Triangle, to try out the restaurants there.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get a table at Chef Laudico’s Bfast, we finally settled on MOMO Cafe–and I’m glad we did!  First of all, the restaurant was empty, and we practically had the entire place to ourselves.  A was free to roam the space without me feeling apprehensive about her bothering another customer, or bumping into items on the aisles.

Second, the restaurant was so bright, cheery, and charming!  That morning was particularly sunny, so there was a lot of light streaming through the windows.

I also liked the way the restaurant was decorated–really cute wallpaper, bottle decals on the windows, mums in vintage jars–details that added to the homey vibe, and that made the place feel even more cozy.

The food was good too!  In fact, it was sinful enough to be the perfect reward, especially after my stressful work week.  Haha!  Both the H and I decided to have the Big Breakfast, although I chose the Liempo, while he had the Spicy Tapa.  The meal also came with a leek omelette and garlic rice.  The servings were very generous, and so worth the price!

After a very relaxed breakfast, we decided to walk around the gardens a bit, to give A the opportunity to run around and explore.  Often times, because we live in an apartment, I feel guilty that A does not have the wide open space kids need to play and just expend their energy.  So whenever we get the chance, we take her to parks, or to the playground, just so that she can enjoy the outdoors and discover freely, while at the same time developing her large muscles 🙂

A really loved the Ayala Triangle Garden 🙂  She excitedly twirled around, kept pointing to the trees and the dried leaves on the ground, feeling the grass with her fingers… It was truly a wonderful mommy moment to see the expression of fascination and wonder on her face :).

Another high point in our weekend was our trip to Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig.  It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions that ended up making our day truly memorable and special.

It was A’s first time to visit a zoo, and her first time to see animals up close (except for cats and dogs, ofcourse :)).  Some of her favorite books have animals in them, so she really loves imitating their sounds.  The H and I thought it would be a great idea for her to actually see them for real and in person.

As soon as we entered, the look on A’s face was priceless!  Her eyes were wide and round, and she kept on pointing to the animals, saying, “wow!”  Some of the animals scared her, though, especially the ones that were not in cages (like the birds).  She was especially fascinated by the fishes, the lizards, the snakes, the tiger and the lion. When she saw the lion, she kept on making cute growling sounds :).

Unfortunately, when we got to the feeding area, A was afraid to enter the rabbit and guinea pig pen.  To be honest, I myself had to quiet my fears, and act like I was totally excited to feed them even though my insides were twisting and turning from squeamishness.  We ended up sitting inside a box, and feeding a carrot to a very cute guinea pig.  This was cut short, though, as A was starting to get panicky and fussy from being surrounded by all the guinea pigs and rabbits. I then decided to show her how to feed the goats and sheep instead, which ended up scaring her even more!  Hahaha!  They seemed to be kinda hungry because they were quite aggressive when reaching for the leaves that we were extending towards them.  Wawa naman–especially the baby goats and sheep that were facing stiff competition from the much bigger ones.

We ended our trip to the zoo, with a picture with their chimpanzee mascot :).  I’m not sure if it had a name–if it did, I forgot to ask.  While the chimp was so cute and friendly and gamely posed with all the visitors, I felt very bad that the zoo people had dressed it in a most horrendous looking outfit 😦  Clothing donations, anyone?

And that, folks, was our weekend in a nutshell.  Hope yours was as enjoyable 🙂 Have a great week ahead!


3 responses to “The Weekend That Was

  1. Your liempo breakfast looks so much like what I just had for dinner 😛 Love the neckpiece!

    • It was yummy–we missed you, by the way 🙂 How’s the trip going? My mom mentioned my Tita Tessie is there too, and is a guest of the ambassador. Have you bumped into her? Any shopping finds to share? 🙂

  2. So many thoughts running through my head while reading this:
    1. I really like your writing style. Makes me want to kind of adopt it. #brownnoser!
    2. I kept imagining A saying “wow” in the garalgal tone that she takes on when she says that particular word
    3. I found it funny na while feeding the guinea pig, kayo yung naka confine sa crate and not the animal. Haha
    4. I loved how she folded her legs when the H hung her over the pen. Haha.

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