Foodie Friday: Cerchio

So my colleagues and I have decided to make Fridays a little bit more fun and exciting by trying out new restaurants in our area.  Although I know my tummy will probably start complaining, and I run the huge risk of increasing my already thick waistline, I really love discovering new eats, and am looking forward to all our future foodie adventures :).

Today’s choice was Cerchio, an extremely classy, modern, Asian-Mediterranean fusion restaurant, whose interiors were designed by the famous Almario sisters–the same talented duo behind Romulo Café, and Thai Pan.

As we arrived at the restaurant, I couldn’t help but admire its clean, white façade. The minimalist and contemporary look really made it stand out amongst the other houses and establishments on the street.  The structure itself used to be a row of dilapidated apartments, and has since been transformed into a very chic looking space that was a true feast for my eyes.

Cerchio means circle in Italian, and that was the predominant theme throughout the restaurant.  One of my favorite design elements was the feature wall by the front that used pvc pipes to make a structure resembling a honey-comb. Circle-patterned wallpaper was also pretty much plastered throughout the entire space.  It was complemented by modern white chairs, black banquettes and accents of greenery here and there.

The restaurant is pretty big, and has two floors.  The ground floor is a spacious dining area, while the second floor has a more loungey vibe.  It looks like it can be rented out for private events.   Similarly, it is decorated very tastefully, and is actually even more “sosy”-looking than the first floor.  I love the chic library look, with the zebra-print covered books. To the side of the “library” is an enclosed function room that is also good for meetings or more intimate get-togethers.

On to the food…The great thing about being in a group is that you get to try different items from the menu.  For appetizers, we started with a grilled shrimp and pomelo salad, and some seared tuna sashimi.

The salad was very refreshing.  It was drizzled with an asian sauce, and was accompanied by generous pieces of shrimp, as well as cubed mangoes and chopped cashews.

The seared tuna sashimi was also yummy, but not as exciting.

For our mains, we decided to split a grilled platter, and the house specialty pork sisig.  Although the menu indicated that the portion size for the platter was good for 3-4 people, it was actually enough to fill 6 hungry tummies—which meant the dish was quite generous!  The platter contained a sampling of grilled chicken, liempo, ribs, marlin, tanigue and eggplant.  It came with a serving of garlic rice as well.  Everything tasted good, but like the sashimi, it was not really exciting.

The pork sisig deserves props for its presentation.  It was served in 3 shaped mounds and topped with a cooked quail egg.  While I am not a sisig fan, I enjoyed the taste of this dish, although I would have liked it more, had it had more crunch.

As for the desserts, we decided to try both the Chocolate Truffle Cake, and the Toffee Sans Rival—both highly recommended by the waitstaff.  The truffle cake was quite rich, but very, very good.  According to my colleagues, it had a very slight hint of orange zest to it, but I swear I didn’t taste anything 😛  Haha!  Thank goodness, since I’m not a fan of chocolate and orange anyway.

The sans rival was also good, although the group was pretty split in terms of how much we each liked it.  I personally preferred the chocolate cake because I found the sans rival a bit too “airy”—kinda like a meringue—and a bit too buttery for my taste.  I would have liked it to have more nuts as well, but the toffee was a good alternative to the usual plain sans rival.

The verdict?  I definitely think that Cerchio is one of the better places to dine in the Tomas Morato area.  While the food is not outstanding, it is good enough to deserve a repeat visit.  Add to that the chi chi interiors, you have a foodie experience worth writing about, and recommending.

I really enjoyed today’s food adventure :).  The company, the food, and the surroundings were just what I needed to end my workweek on a positive note :).

Happy weekend, everyone!

Cerchio is located at Sct. Limbaga Street off of Tomas Morato in Quezon City


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