Tuesday Happy: Bargain Books

Some people collect stamps, action figures or comic books.  Others collect shoes, bags or watches.  I collect children’s books.

My love affair with children’s books began when I was a student at NYU.  One of my electives was a class on early childhood literacy.  It was then that I was introduced to the world of Caldecott’s and Theodor Seuss Geigel Awards, to the works of Tomie de Paola, Shel Silverstein, and Eric Carle, among others.  Every week, we were presented with a slew of books that we discussed according to their content, their illustrations, and their age-appropriateness.  Through this class, I was able to familiarize myself with and appreciate the works of many authors and illustrators, and it enabled me to start building a library of my own.

From then on, I was really hooked on collecting books–alphabet books, story books, lift-the-flap books–you name it!  I joined book clubs and availed of discounts, I always made abang whenever Barnes and Noble would go on sale…I even asked for books as Christmas presents–that’s how much I love them!




Reading children’s books always brings out the kid in me.  I feel immediately transported into a world of wonder– discovering things for the first time and being awed by the images that leap off the illustrated pages.  For me, it truly is a magical experience 🙂  To this day, reading a child’s book also allows me to stretch my imagination, and gives me an endless source of visual ideas to cull from–pretty important for my job as design creative director.

When I learned about Border’s closing down and declaring bankruptcy, that was a really sad day for me.  I cannot imagine a world without books–somehow, the experience of reading through an ipad or a nook or a kindle does not give me the same thrill and satisfaction as leafing through the pages of a book does.  I am even more sad for A, if this is what she has to look forward to as she grows older.

It’s a good thing I’ve already managed to amass a collection of books by a variety of authors, and that cover a wide range of genres.  A is totally the beneficiary of this collection.  Already, she is showing an appreciation for reading, and is constantly asking the H and I to read her stories at all times of the day.  She even has her favorites–Miss Spider’s New Car, Let’s Play, and The Very Busy Spider.

I am also grateful for stores such BookSale, Chapters and Pages and Books for Less. I have to admit, these book re-sellers are my guilty pleasure!  I love browsing through their selection of second-hand books, and finding stuff at bargain prices!  These stores also make me hopeful that somehow, books will always be made accessible to me, and that they will never fully disappear off the face of this earth.

My recent find has been a source of such excitement for me.  I recently purchased a pop-up book by one of my favorite pop-up artists of all time–Robert Sabuda! Mind you, his books are usually quite expensive–and with good reason.  When you see the engineering and detail that goes into each pop-up, you will begin to appreciate the premium price point.

In the States, his books cost about an average of 20 dollars (roughly about 850 pesos or more, depending on tax).  At Fully Booked, they go for about 1000+ pesos.  Ask me how much I got mine at Books for Less–350 pesos!  Such a steal right?  And here’s the clincher–aside from the book being in very, very good condition, it is also signed by the author!!!!  OMG!!!!  I was literally shaking as I held the book in my hands and saw the inscription on the front page.  I couldn’t believe my luck talaga!

While A is too young to actually read the book herself or to browse through the pages unsupervised, I have already given her a sneak preview.  She loves the movement of the figures, and is awed at how they “jump” out at her whenever I open a page.  Her eyes literally bulge out, and she utters the word, “wow” with matching gasp pa!  It is this kind of reaction that I love seeing 🙂  Funny that it seems to mirror exactly how I feel 🙂  It makes purchasing this book all the more worth it 🙂

So there you go…my dose of happy for the day–bargain books!

Where do you get your dose of happy from?




2 responses to “Tuesday Happy: Bargain Books

  1. kristine gonzalez

    i can almost hear hair saying “woooooooooow”. i love that little girl!

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