The Ramen Craze

In the past year, several ramen houses have sprouted all over the metro.  The ramen craze has hit Manila!  Among the ones I’ve read about, I’ve been dying to try out 2–the first would be Ukkokei Ramen Ron along Pasay Road, and the second, a new artisanal ramen restaurant in the Tomas Morato area called Nomama.

Ever since my tastebuds were acquainted with the ramen at Ippudo in Singapore, I was hooked!  There’s something  about the combination of warm, flavourful, brothy soup and al dente noodles that I find so comforting that I get a craving for it every so often.  Today being a bit cloudy and rainy, I thought it was the perfect weather to enjoy a bowl of hot ramen.  It didn’t take a lot to convince my colleagues to join me in this food trip to indulge my craving.

We found Nomama quite easily by the corner of Scout Tuason and Scout Castor Street in Quezon City.  As we entered the restaurant, I found it to be nicely decorated–modern and minimalist–with an exposed ceiling and kitchen, white tables and scandinavian design chairs, wood beams and concrete floors.  I also liked that the interiors were simple and unpretentious with adequate lighting. Already, I thought this experience was off to a good start.

Prior to our visit, I had already done my research and knew what I wanted to order.  Two of my colleagues and I got the Nomama Ramen–the restaurant’s signature ramen–then added an order of shiitake mushroom gyoza for appetizers.

The gyoza was quite yummy–the wrapper was chewy, and the mushrooms tasted very fresh and had a tinge of sweetness to it.  I didn’t even need to dip the gyoza in the sauce anymore because I thought it was already very flavourful.   And the ramen?  It totally hit the spot!  As soon as the steaming bowl of goodness was placed in front of me, I started to salivate (uh oh, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!).  Props to Nomama for the presentation 🙂  It’s too bad I wasn’t able to take a better picture though–I was so hungry and dove into my soup right away! Haha!  While I felt that both the broth and the pork could have used a bit more flavour, it nevertheless satisfied my craving and made me one happy camper 🙂 Maybe it was all the slurping I did :p ?  My friend A says that slurping is the best way to enjoy one’s ramen!  Hahaha!  I don’t know if that’s true, but I think it worked! 🙂  What I especially liked, though, was the egg–slow cooked to perfection!  I saved it for my last bite 🙂

For dessert, we ordered the Kit Kat Bar.  It was practically the only item under desserts in their menu.  It’s basically a home-made peanut and chocolate bar laid on top of a smear of raspberry paint.  A great ending to a delicious meal! Chocolate and peanut butter is a combination that can never go wrong–at least in my book 🙂

All in all, my colleagues and I agreed that Nomama was a pretty good ramen house, and would merit future visits from us.  The ambience, the service and the food were all quite good, although I’m sure it will improve even more in the months to come as Chef Him Uy de Baron and his staff continue to perfect their craft.

In the meantime, I can’t wait for my next food adventure! 🙂


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