Mission: Organization

Yesterday, both the H and I had a day off of work because of the storm.  Thought I’d try to make the most of it by organizing the entire apartment (trust me, it’s definitely long overdue!). Did I get any work done?  I’ll give you one guess–hahaha!  Although in my defense, I did get a little work done in my closet–that is already a major feat! :p

Unfortunately, bringing some semblance of order into the rest of my home was not in the cards for me.  Every time I’d make an attempt, something would come up like A waking up from her nap, or my parents popping by for a visit, etc. etc. Finally, at around 5pm, I gave up all efforts and just ended up surfing the web for some organization inspiration.

Out of all the rooms in our tiny abode, I’ve always wanted to organize our little home office.  Currently, it is a catchall of A’s toys, the H’s files and books, and some laundry.  It also functions as a second living area where we sometimes watch DVD’s while A plays with her blocks or puzzles.  For now, since it is the most spacious part of our home, it is also a place where A loves to run around and climb onto furniture.

When we remodeled our apartment, the H and I kind of de-prioritized this room. During that time, we did not really see the need to organize it, nor to make it look pretty. While it looks much better than your average storage-room-slash-home- office, I have a feeling that the space is sorely underutilized and now, quite cluttered.  Plus, I hate the sight of boxes filled with ginormous toys (gifts from A’s birthday), hanging laundry, and an office area all together without any sort of cohesion.  Kinda “chop suey”, if you ask me.  It also sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison with the other rooms in our home that are more nicely decorated.

So if I had the time and the luxury to finally get this project going, I think finding the right storage solutions and table top organizers would be my priority to help turn this space around from drab and useless, to fab and functional.

Here is what I think I would need:

Mounted clipboards that are both functional and decorative to hold lists, notes and reminders.

Photo Credit: peacockchic.wordpress.com

A very chic corkboard for displaying photos, messages and inspiration. I'm big on creating mood boards!

Photo Credit: flickr.com

A clear lucite tray that can function as a tabletop catchall. It would help to reduce the "cluttered" look of our table 🙂

Photo Credit: thelennoxx.com

My files would look so chic in these!

Photo Credit: kaboodle.com

I would story my files in here...Thanks for the idea, Martha Stewart!

Photo Credit: marthastewart.com

I'd use mason jars as pencil holders--love that this idea is both vintage and eco-friendly!

Photo Credit: 

As an alternative storage idea, take a look at the apothecary jars used as tabletop containers! Love it! Those storage boxes would be good for storing our stationary and notepads as well 🙂

Photo Credit: 

For shelving our books, I like the idea of using ledges because of the clean, minimal lines. We also have the option of displaying books with interesting covers 🙂

Photo Credit: ana-white.com

Hayayay!  So many ideas, so little time! 😦  But I know (and am determined, actually :)) that I’ll get to this someday.  This will be my mission before year end–wish me luck!  Hope you stay tuned to see how this mission turns out!  Will definitely keep you guys posted 🙂



2 responses to “Mission: Organization

  1. Love the mounted clipboards!!

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