When it comes to the weekends, I guess you can say that the H and I are pretty much creatures of habit.  Saturdays are for brunch, grocery shopping, strolling around our favorite mall, and going to Church.  Sundays are pretty much for lazing around and visiting my folks in Quezon City.  It is a very routinary schedule, but there’s something in the predictability of it that I find extremely comforting.

Last Sunday, however, my parents had an afternoon event to attend so the H and I found ourselves with impromptu plans to take the little one to Greenbelt 5. Since we hardly get to frequent this mall, we thought it would be a nice change.

I find it funny that even when we’re at Greenbelt, we end up hitting the same stores!  Haha, talk about routine!  For the H, it’s Onitsuka and Fred Perry, and for me, ever since we had A, it’s Mothercare.  I just looooove shopping for baby stuff 🙂  Never thought I would, but I guess the mommies out there totally understand how I feel 🙂

Anyway, after browsing through the merchandise and ending up with some loot for A (a Stokke Tripp Trapp Table Top and pink Sun San Saltwater Sandals :)), we decided to head on home as it was getting pretty late.  On the way to the parking lot, however, this sign caught my attention:

What joy! An exhibit by one of my favorite Filipino sculptors!

Gosh, I cannot explain how much I love art!  As a little girl, I loved to draw, to paint, and pretty much, to create!  I always excelled in my art subjects and would always join art clubs in school.  Modesty aside, I thought I was pretty good 🙂  I remember even winning an on-the-spot drawing contest when I was in sixth grade–my first time ever to win a contest so you can imagine how proud I was 🙂

Unfortunately, when I was in college, my interests expanded and while I didn’t pursue or develop my love for art, I turned it instead into a passion for collecting paintings and sculptures.  The very first painting I bought for myself was an Antonio Kho.  It was followed by a Cacnio, then my first “master”, Malang. Incidentally, he is also my most favorite Filipino artist and I was very fortunate to have met him when I purchased my painting 🙂

I have since grown my collection to include a Joya, Sanso, Marcel, Inday, Rubio, Baldemor, Yu, Velasco, and my most recent purchase, a Popo San Pascual *love*.

I even got the H to love art as well!  When he and I were newly married, the first art purchase we made was a Michael Cacnio sculpture.  We fell in love with his brass pieces–his signature being the kite flyer.  It now proudly sits on a custom-made bench in our living room 🙂

So you can imagine my excitement when we chanced upon the sign about his exhibit!  There was no doubt we had to drop by 🙂

Basically, the exhibit is a celebration of Michael Cacnio’s 20 years as a sculptor. In this collaboration with Lego, Michael hopes to “advocate the importance of imagination, creativity and knowledge.”

20 Years of Michael Cacnio

“Through the unexpected fusion of brass and plastic, Michael Cacnio’s upcoming works aim to challenge the norm, rouse one’s imagination and invite people to ask and answer “Why?” and “What If?”, which are the very foundations of learning and inspiration.”

As I browsed through the collection, I was in awe and pretty much rendered speechless!  The sculptures were so beautiful and detailed–such a feast for my eyes! They also had so much energy in them–like I could actually feel the movement and the emotion of each and every subject. Michael Cacnio, to my mind, is a genius at capturing the everyday simplicity of life and its different aspects. I loved every single piece, and was disappointed to find out that pretty much everything was already sold out (not that I could probably afford one–the price of a sculpture has sky-rocketed since the time we bought our kite-flyer!!!).

Here are my favorite sculptures from the exhibit.  Since I could not walk away with one, I had to content myself with photographs instead 😦  Haha!



It's all in the details...



Mother and Child






Hope you enjoyed viewing the exhibit through my eyes (or lens, rather :p) Without a doubt, this truly was an INSPIREd afternoon!!!


2 responses to “INSPIREd

  1. Mia, I love the way you took the photos. I’m particularly drawn to “Support” (I guess the social development advocate in me is attracted to this) and Genius. I love the photographic angle you chose for “Kindness”. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of art because I’m just not cultured enough to appreciate it, but, you know what? Cacnio’s work is something I found I appreciate.

    • Glad to hear that, Kris 🙂 I think one of the things I love about his work is that his subjects are the everyday, humble pinoy–very relatable!
      And I just found out that the last picture I took (the one of the woman), is actually a “portrait” of his wife! Isn’t that too cool and romantic?
      By the way, you are my first official blog commenter! Yipee!!! Hahaha!

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