Not-So-Cheap Eats

I saw this in a blog called Eat Drink Chic and thought it was soooo cool!

So this is what “McDonalds meets Luxury Brands” looks like–shusyal!!!

Burberry Burger and Hermes Fries, anyone? 🙂

Some Dolce and Gabanna water to go with my Gucci burger, please 🙂

This was basically a concept that Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic came up with after she was approached by The Cool Hunter to participate in a pitch to McDonald’s for an up-market pop-up restaurant for Fashion Week.  According to Moss, “The concept was to give McDonald’s food a complete make-over and re-brand the fast food giant with an aesthetic suitable for a 5 star restaurant.”  I think she totally achieved her objective–don’t you think so too? 🙂

What I particularly love about these photographs, and the idea of fusing a mass-produced brand such as McDonalds with sophisticated, high-end brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Gucci, is that it basically tells us that even simple everyday things can be made extraordinary.  All that is needed, really, is great design 🙂

All photos from Eat Drink Chic


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