Afternoon Delight

Seldom do I get the chance to have an early day off of work.  Despite the fact that I work for my family’s business, I try not to take advantage of my being COO (Child of Owner–hehe!) to come and go as I please.

Today, however, after a commercial shoot that ended ahead of schedule, I found myself on my way home at an unusually early time.  I quickly called the H and told him I wanted to take advantage of the weather and take A out for a walk.  So as soon as I got home, that’s precisely what we did 🙂

Getting to spend quality time with my daughter during the weekday is a luxury that I cherish.  When A was younger, she would fall asleep at around 430 in the afternoon so I never got to spend time with her, especially after work.  As she got older, her waking hours would stretch to about 7pm, but depending on my day, I’d have about an hour or two to spend with her in the evenings, or again, none at all.

Sometimes, even if I got home early enough, I’d be dead tired or a bit cranky from stress.  I know that my moods also compromise my bonding time with A, and as a mom, I feel really conflicted about this.  I also feel guilty about how A is growing so fast and how I miss out on a lot of everyday experiences with her.

So when the opportunity presented itself this afternoon, the H and I I quickly strapped A onto her stroller for a quick walk down to nearby Burgos Circle. Not only would it be an opportunity to grab some merienda, but it would also be a chance for A to practice her newly-acquired walking skill at the adjacent park.

Strollin with my homies... 🙂

Enjoying the ride

I think that we are really lucky that we live in a part of town that has sidewalks, trees and open spaces.  Very kid and family friendly.  On this particularly gorgeous afternoon, the sun was shining, and the trees were swaying in the gentle breeze–it was really the perfect day to make lamierda, and to spend quality time with the H and A.

Our first stop was Bar Dolci.  I had heard and read alot about the gelato, and thought that this afternoon would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. I couldn’t decide between the Ferrero and Matcha flavors, so I decided to get both!

Happiness in a cup!

I love that at Bar Dolci, they allow you to combine flavors in a cup or a cone. Because of this, I was able to sample two different flavors, and there was no sawa factor since one flavor balanced the other.

After our quick gelato stop, we proceeded to the mini park at the center of the Burgos Circle roundabout.  There were a lot of kids there with their nannies, as well as a lot of dogs too!  I guess we all had the same idea 🙂

A really loved the park!  She loves making friends, and kept on walking towards the other children–even if they were much bigger than her!  She also loved watching some of the dogs wrestle with each other, and would giggle when she would hear them bark (one of A’s tricks is when you ask her: “What does the dog say?” and she says, “Ffff”–so cute!!!).  To my horror, she was quite unafraid to pet them–I had to be quick and on guard to make sure she didn’t get bitten!

A loves the park!

I really wish I had more days like these–days where I can spend hours with the two people I love the most.  It was truly the most perfect afternoon 🙂


2 responses to “Afternoon Delight

  1. Appreciate your candid thoughts about motherhood and the challenges you face. Hope you’re getting to spend lots of QT with hubby and A this summer. 😉 I’m looking forward to real spring (in the 40s this week!) and summer with the family.

    • I totally miss having summers–it feels like I’ve been working year-round lately 😦 I would totally love to go on a long vacation with just A and the H–hopefully we can plan one soon, even if it’s just a quick trip to HK or Sing. Are you guys planning to go out of the country? I can’t wait till A is old enough to make the trip to NYC. I just love New York in the Spring!

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