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It’s A Wrap!

Every year, my good friend M and I share this mission of having all our Christmas stuff done as early as possible.  We even have a timeline–shopping done by around September (or earlier), gift wrapping finished by October (or earlier), Christmas cards written and mailed out by  first week of November.  It’s a great way to put the pressure on ourselves to be more efficient, especially with the holidays being such a hectic time of year.  We also actually enjoy the process because we end up keeping tabs on each other, making sure that we’re on track and on time. The best thing is that by December, there is very little left to do, and more time can be spent bonding with the family 🙂

This year, I must admit I’ve been having difficulty sticking to the plan, while M is waaaaaaaaay ahead of me on all fronts.  I think she is already done with most, if not all her Christmas shopping, while I’ve barely scratched the surface of my list. Currently, we are both on the lookout for the perfect Christmas card (as you will read in her blog entry here) and have begun to discuss with each other and finalize the “look” of our Christmas packaging (although at this time, I think she’s bought her wrapper and ribbon already :().

Among the three tasks, I think the latter is the one I take the most seriously.  It’s also the one I have the most fun with because it allows me to let the creative juices flow 🙂 Every year, choosing a theme or color motif is serious business for me! Hahaha! In other words, “kina-career” ko talaga!  From the choice of wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags and accessories–it MUST be perfection!

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The Ramen Craze

In the past year, several ramen houses have sprouted all over the metro.  The ramen craze has hit Manila!  Among the ones I’ve read about, I’ve been dying to try out 2–the first would be Ukkokei Ramen Ron along Pasay Road, and the second, a new artisanal ramen restaurant in the Tomas Morato area called Nomama.

Ever since my tastebuds were acquainted with the ramen at Ippudo in Singapore, I was hooked!  There’s something  about the combination of warm, flavourful, brothy soup and al dente noodles that I find so comforting that I get a craving for it every so often.  Today being a bit cloudy and rainy, I thought it was the perfect weather to enjoy a bowl of hot ramen.  It didn’t take a lot to convince my colleagues to join me in this food trip to indulge my craving.

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Mission: Organization

Yesterday, both the H and I had a day off of work because of the storm.  Thought I’d try to make the most of it by organizing the entire apartment (trust me, it’s definitely long overdue!). Did I get any work done?  I’ll give you one guess–hahaha!  Although in my defense, I did get a little work done in my closet–that is already a major feat! :p

Unfortunately, bringing some semblance of order into the rest of my home was not in the cards for me.  Every time I’d make an attempt, something would come up like A waking up from her nap, or my parents popping by for a visit, etc. etc. Finally, at around 5pm, I gave up all efforts and just ended up surfing the web for some organization inspiration.

Out of all the rooms in our tiny abode, I’ve always wanted to organize our little home office.  Currently, it is a catchall of A’s toys, the H’s files and books, and some laundry.  It also functions as a second living area where we sometimes watch DVD’s while A plays with her blocks or puzzles.  For now, since it is the most spacious part of our home, it is also a place where A loves to run around and climb onto furniture.

When we remodeled our apartment, the H and I kind of de-prioritized this room. During that time, we did not really see the need to organize it, nor to make it look pretty. While it looks much better than your average storage-room-slash-home- office, I have a feeling that the space is sorely underutilized and now, quite cluttered.  Plus, I hate the sight of boxes filled with ginormous toys (gifts from A’s birthday), hanging laundry, and an office area all together without any sort of cohesion.  Kinda “chop suey”, if you ask me.  It also sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison with the other rooms in our home that are more nicely decorated.

So if I had the time and the luxury to finally get this project going, I think finding the right storage solutions and table top organizers would be my priority to help turn this space around from drab and useless, to fab and functional.

Here is what I think I would need:

Mounted clipboards that are both functional and decorative to hold lists, notes and reminders.

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My Fantasy Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner!  91 days to be exact :).  Truth be told, I already started Christmas shopping last March, but I certainly have a ways to go. While I usually enjoy buying presents, I also find the task of finding the perfect gift a bit daunting :(. Prrrresssuuure!

In my immediate family, we’ve gotten a bit more practical over the years and have resorted to coming up with Wish Lists.  We usually list down 5 items we’d like to receive (up to a certain amount, ofcourse :)), then it’s up to the giver what they’d like to give.  I find that it’s a more practical way of gift-giving, plus it’s also a win-win situation.  Not only does it take out the guess-work,  it also guarantees that the recipient will like his/her present because its something that he/she really wants.  There’s also still some element of surprise because at the end of the day, the recipient does not know what the giver will decide to buy.

Same goes for our extended family.  We’ve also started to make wish lists, but to add to the practicality, we do it Kris Kringle style.  I come from a big family, and I usually go a bit crazy over the holidays looking for the “perfect” gift for cousins, tito’s and tita’s.  The list is endless (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit)!  Last year, however, we decided to start family Kris Kringle.  I honestly think it is the bestest idea!  Trimming my list down from 18 to 1 is not just time-saving, but easier on the pocket as well 🙂

So with all these thoughts of the holidays looming in my head, I’ve decided to compile my fantasy wish list.  Why fantasy?  Well because they’re not things I’d actually ask for or can afford to buy right now– maybe when I have the time or the moolah 🙂  Haha! To be honest, while I like expensive things, I’m not the type to ask for them–even from the H.  My parents also always taught me to live within my means, and to never ask to be given things.  When A grows up, it’s something I’d like for her to practice as well 🙂

So here it is, my fantasy wish list…

The newly-released Canon Power Shot s100. The better to take pictures of A with, my dear 🙂

Photo Credit:

The Fendi Medium Peekaboo Bag. I just love that it is classic, stylish, yet functional.

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Sunshine on a Rainy Day

I’ve been in dire need of inspiration and a “pick-me-up” lately.  During these times, I’ve found it very helpful to browse through design sites, and to allow myself to be awed by beautiful spaces.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to the color yellow.  Maybe because it’s the color of everything sunshine-y and happy?  Used just right, the color yellow definitely packs a punch and can turn any dull space into something cheery and interesting. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I chose yellow for our bedroom. After a long day in the office, it’s nice to come home to a bright room that instantly brings a smile to my face :).

Here are other yellow spaces that I am inspired by:

I think the framed images behind the headboard are a wonderful idea!

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Surprise Delivery

Guess what arrived at my doorstep last night? 🙂

This is what I found inside…

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When it comes to the weekends, I guess you can say that the H and I are pretty much creatures of habit.  Saturdays are for brunch, grocery shopping, strolling around our favorite mall, and going to Church.  Sundays are pretty much for lazing around and visiting my folks in Quezon City.  It is a very routinary schedule, but there’s something in the predictability of it that I find extremely comforting.

Last Sunday, however, my parents had an afternoon event to attend so the H and I found ourselves with impromptu plans to take the little one to Greenbelt 5. Since we hardly get to frequent this mall, we thought it would be a nice change.

I find it funny that even when we’re at Greenbelt, we end up hitting the same stores!  Haha, talk about routine!  For the H, it’s Onitsuka and Fred Perry, and for me, ever since we had A, it’s Mothercare.  I just looooove shopping for baby stuff 🙂  Never thought I would, but I guess the mommies out there totally understand how I feel 🙂

Anyway, after browsing through the merchandise and ending up with some loot for A (a Stokke Tripp Trapp Table Top and pink Sun San Saltwater Sandals :)), we decided to head on home as it was getting pretty late.  On the way to the parking lot, however, this sign caught my attention:

What joy! An exhibit by one of my favorite Filipino sculptors!

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I Waaaaant!!!

Aaack!  I can’t believe I missed this… 😦

Last July, the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and eBay launched, YOU CAN’T FAKE FASHION, a campaign to raise awareness against counterfeit goods.  eBay and CFDA collaborated to create a collection of unique canvas bags, designed by 50 designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Phillip Lim, Reed Krakoff, and Tory Burch, to name a few.

You Can't Fake Fashion Standard Tote

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Not-So-Cheap Eats

I saw this in a blog called Eat Drink Chic and thought it was soooo cool!

So this is what “McDonalds meets Luxury Brands” looks like–shusyal!!!

Burberry Burger and Hermes Fries, anyone? 🙂

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Afternoon Delight

Seldom do I get the chance to have an early day off of work.  Despite the fact that I work for my family’s business, I try not to take advantage of my being COO (Child of Owner–hehe!) to come and go as I please.

Today, however, after a commercial shoot that ended ahead of schedule, I found myself on my way home at an unusually early time.  I quickly called the H and told him I wanted to take advantage of the weather and take A out for a walk.  So as soon as I got home, that’s precisely what we did 🙂

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